The Pain of Separation Episode 3: How Time Flies

It is the New Year. A lot has happened- My husband and I finally got a divorce (I’m currently single again), my girlfriends (Tolu, TY & ChiChi) threw me a ‘get back on your feet’ party, Bola is now wetting the bed and having nightmares (I’m at my wit’s end on this one, God help me) and I got a promotion (at least a good thing came out of the whole drama). I’m Senior Vice President-Marketing.

In the past six months, I have been through hell. He sent me the divorce papers two weeks after our big fight over Bola. With trembling hands, I called him. ”Is this what you want” I asked, the words were thick with tears but I had to be sure. ”Yes, it is” came the reply. His voice had finality. I dropped the phone, there was no use asking why.  Next, I called TY, wailing so loud I said ”he finally did it, he sent the papers to me this morning. TY what am I going to do?” I doubt if she heard a thing I said but I knew she understood because twenty minutes later she was in my office, clearing my desk and preparing me to leave. She took me home, made me take a nice warm bath and ordered dinner for two. All this time, not saying a word to me. Her presence was better than words. She held my hand and just let me cry and cry and cry until I could cry no more. I don’t think I have been this shaken before. Thank God for friends.

I wish Bola understands that this isn’t about her. I hope she understands that even though mummy and daddy have issues, we love her so much and will alway be there for her. It is just something out of our control, baby. Mummy loves you.


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