The Pain of Separation Episode 2: Where did he go?

“What were you thinking telling my child that her Daddy isn’t coming home?”  he yelled at me

“Please keep your voice down, I don’t want Bola to wake up plus with that tone you can wake half the neighbourhood” I replied calmly. How could he ask me that question? Did he think that I would not find out?

“There you go again, avoiding the subject. I don’t care if I wake the whole neighbourhood, you better give me an answer”. This time his voice went up a notch. I went from calm to crazy.

“You selfish man, how dare you raise your voice at me for telling our daughter that her parents may get a divorce. Deola let it slip last weekend at dinner that Tunji told her you were seeing some else”  He looked so dumb.

Did I make you speechless? Did you think I would not find out that you are seeing Maggie now even though we are still married. So don’t you play holier than thou with me. Shit! You are so pathetic.

“Hell! we have been separated for six months, what did you think I would do…sit at home and wait for you to get off your high horse. I need a woman not some business robot who thinks more about signing contracts than spending time with her family”

“Those contracts are what put food on our table, paid Bola’s fees, rent and all the luxury you enjoy. you could not keep a job what was I suppose to do, let my family starve”.

“So now its my fault I can’t seem to keep a decent job”

“You are not a child, when are you going to grow up….”

We kept on screaming at each other. Trying to out shine the other with hurtful words. He called me “a corporate bit*h”, I called him “a bastard who could not keep his fly up” and on and on we went until we ran out of ugly words to say. He stormed out of the house and I collasped at the door ready to cry my heart out.

Where is the man I fell in love with? What happened to the man who was so much fun? Who made me laugh? Who held my hand when Bola was to be born and didn’t for a moment leave my side? Who loved me like his life depended on it?


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