The Pain of Separation Episode 9: Friday’s Blast from the Past

I used to get excited about Friday. It was the time of the week where I could truly relax and catch up with my friends. I was all for ‘TGIF’. TY would come by my office at 6:30pm and off we went for a night of fun. We did this every other Friday until I met Kunle. While dating, Kunle and I went out every Friday night. We would go to the cinema to watch a movie or to a restaurant for dinner or to a bar for drinks with friends or to a nightclub to dance the night away. Fun times!

These days, I dread Friday, the much awaited time of the week. It brings so many memories and tears. No matter how many times TY calls me out for a drink or movie; I always have an excuse not to go. ‘TY, I have proposal to work on and the deadline is Monday’ or ‘I left the window of my bedroom open. Gotta go home and close it’. My excuses worked or she just left me alone.

Today, she isn’t taking no for an answer. ‘I don’t care if your house burns to the ground with all your designer clothings in it, you’re going out with me’ she says. My excuse: ‘I forgot to unplug my curling iron; I have rush to home and do it. I don’t want to start a fire’. She comes by my office and practically drags me out the door. We go to Angela’s Cuisine for dinner, the food is amazing. We order rice with sweet and sour chicken sauce, chicken salad and a bottle of red wine. The evening is going well until I look up and see William. He is three tables away from ours. TY senses my uneasiness and looks in that direction.

‘Isn’t that William Adesina?’ she asks. ‘Yes’ I mumble.

‘Wow, what a pleasant surprise! Give me a pen and paper’

‘I don’t have a pen and paper here. What are trying to do?’

She doesn’t answer my question instead she brings out her lipstick and writes on the table napkin, calls on the waiter to ‘give this (the napkin) to the gentleman over there’. William reads it, looks up and she waves for him to come over.

‘TY Balogun and Kemi Olalere, I see you two are still thick as thieves’ he says

‘Nice to see you too’ she laughs and gets up to embrace him.

I sit there looking like an idiot. She steps on my foot and I yelp the first thing that comes to mind ‘What are you doing in Lagos?’ TY looks at me and her expression says ‘that is the dumbest thing you have ever said’. I quickly add ‘I thought you lived in Abuja with your family’. TY facial expression changes from mild irritation to extreme annoyance. ‘She’s glad to see you, Will. It has been a very long time, graduation from school to be precise and you haven’t aged a single day’.

‘TY, you still say the sweetest things, and you don’t look bad yourself. How have you girls been?           

‘We have been good’ I finally find my voice. ‘Please excuse me, I want to go freshen up’ I stand up and walk towards the restroom like a zombie. 

William Adesina.

‘Kemi, what’s wrong with you? You look like you have seen a ghost’ TY voice break the chain of my thoughts. She had entered the restroom without me noticing.

‘I’m fine.’ I splash water on my face and take deep breaths to calm my racing pulse.

‘You don’t look fine to me dear. You look pretty shaken up. Is it because of William?’

‘I’m fine TY. Now isn’t the right time to talk about it’

 Now isn’t the time to talk about Williams maybe later.



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