I read this in ‘THISDAY Style magazine’ and I love it.


Boys are stronger than girls? Please, Can you bleed for a week and survive? Can you squeeze a 14 inch baby from a 10 centimeter hole? Can you carry a seven pound baby in your stomach for nine months? Can you take care of a child, cook, clean AND talk on the phone at the same time? Can you carry a 108lb shopping bag? Can you go a week only eating salad? Can you face heartbreak? Can you watch the love of your life be with someone else? Can you burn your forehead with a curling iron and not complain? Can you wear a string as an underwear all day? Can you walk all day in a five inch pumps? Can you cry all night and then wake up in the next morning like everything is okay? HaHaHa! I didn’t think so.


I’m a Woman! Hear me ROAR!

Author unknown. Culled from Thisday Style Magazine.


4 thoughts on “I’M A WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!

  1. CrisP says:

    Well, fortunately or unfortunately, we’ll never know the answers to the questions cos we aint built to go through the processes ladies go through. Ladies deserve some credit though. Very interesting piece too. Lol

  2. thepainofseparation says:

    Thank you. Man and woman were created for different reason and purpose. We should learn to embrace and appreciate it.

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