The Pain of Separation Episode 10: William


My heart still skips a beat when I think about him. Not an ‘I-still-want-him-back’ skip a beat nor an ‘I’ll-never-find-another-like-you’ skip a beat. No! It something I don’t know how to explain to you but I guess I’ll try.

I met William in my first year in the University. He was my then boyfriend’s friend. William is nice, sweet and very gentlemanly. He is also cute, has a lean and athletic body with perfect white teeth. The fact that my boyfriend, Wole, was a complete asshole scored William extra points.

He provided a shoulder for me to cry on. Here I was 18 years old in a new city on my own for the first time in my life and the one person who should reassure me and make me feel safe was the source of my pain.

William didn’t approve of how Wole treated me but he didn’t say anything about it. I think it is a guy thing not to interfere with their friend’s relationship. He made up excuses for Wole every time I would cry to him. When he finally had enough of my tears, he told me ‘Leave him if he makes you so unhappy’ and so I did, I broke things off with Wole but remained friends with William.

William was so much fun. He made me laugh a lot. I was grateful he was my friend. We would talk for hours; General topics, girl topics, guy topics, school topics, family topics, life topics, etc. It was never a dull moment. I guess all that talking just drew us together and formed a bond between us that I didn’t notice when I gave my heart away.

By our third year in school, we became an item. The whole school knew we were dating and in love. Little did I know that my life was going to be shaken that year. My father left us. He moved out of our house and moved in with his girlfriend. I was heartbroken. The one man I loved and trusted betrayed me, I was furious. I took out my anger on William. He tried to be there for me, God knows he did but each time I kept pushing him away. I didn’t take his calls or reply them. Whenever he came to visit, I had my roommates tell him I was either sleeping or out. William is a fighter though; he didn’t give up on me. He left wonderful messages, sent me lovely cards and gifts. He did it all to remind me that I wasn’t alone in whatever I was going through but I felt alone. My father had cut all contacts with us at the request of his new girlfriend. My mother didn’t have the time or patience to talk to us her children, she buried herself in her work and my sisters were hurting too. I didn’t want to turn to William because he’s a man and my opinion about his gender was in the bin. The thought of him leaving me kept running through my mind, it was all I could think of. I didn’t want him to leave me on his terms. I didn’t want to be the laughing stock of the school, so I wrote him a note saying just three words “We are done” and had T.Y deliver it right after I made her swear not to open the note.

He was heartbroken. He came to my room in the dormitory to see me and talk. Since I had not shared my decision with my friend and roommates, they let him in and excused us.

“Why?” William asked

I stared at him like a zombie. I watched as tears fell from his eyes and my heart ripped into two. It took all my physical strength not to run into his arms and comfort him, to whisper in his ear that it was a joke and I didn’t mean what that little piece of paper said because I did mean it and I was so angry with my father, William was a good enough guinea pig to vent my anger on.

“Can’t you read? We are done. If you don’t mind I would request you leave my room now before I call on the porters to throw you out” I said. He looked shocked at my words and left my room.

We didn’t see him in school for 2 weeks and when he did come back, he acted like he never left and nothing happened. He had a new girl with him every week that I lost count after the 6th one.

Six months after I ended things with William, I had that talk with my mother and she was so sorry she had let her life and her ordeal with my father ruin mine. She insisted I apologize to William and try to get him back. Apparently, she had forgotten that I was the proudest of her children.

Last I heard of him was that he had gotten a job in Abuja and had moved there with his wife and child.

Until two days ago when I saw him at Angela’s Cuisine looking as handsome as when we first met.


3 thoughts on “The Pain of Separation Episode 10: William

  1. Hidayah says:

    Wow… This is great!!!…I had tears in my eyes by the time I was tru with this story…. Right now I feel like I was in the writers class or I was one of her roomates cos the story seems so real and just real …. Pls keep it coming.

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