Tales of Happy Ever After Part 2

He makes her smile. If only she would stop thinking about her secret. Even since their lunch date and the return of her phone, they have been inseparable. He calls her every day. She thinks about him all the time. Ok, maybe not all the time.

She’s happy with him and it feels so good. She has finally found someone who understands her well, who sees all the walls she put up and isn’t scared to break it down and pull her out. For once in her life she isn’t fighting love, she’s letting it grow on her.

He never thought a girl like her existed, not in his lifetime anyway. He thought stories of girls like her were fairy tales or stories of women who lived in his grandma’s age. Just when he had given up on love and finding his ‘soul mate’, there he finds her in a church on a day he was looking for game. God be praised.

Although he senses she’s holding something back, she gets absentminded or lost in thought. She could be jumpy too. Once he stumble upon her crying into the phone, he reached out to touch her, she jumped and yelled. He got scared and asked her why she was crying, she claimed it was her Aunt at the other end of the call telling her she won’t be sending her allowance for the month. Her reaction didn’t fix her excuse for crying. His philosophy is some people have skeletons in their closets. He knows she is one of those people. He has decided to love her until she shows him what her skeleton is.

His best friend thinks it crazy that he has fallen so fast for this girl who is complicated. He tells his friend that it’s the mystery and complication that make her all the more appealing to him. He likes the fact that she puts up a fight and loves that he wins every single time. It is a breath of fresh air to him that she challenges him all the time.

Her best friend is pleased that she’s dating someone now even though she claims they aren’t dating. She doesn’t want to disappoint her friend when her relationship with him comes to an end. She had to learn the hard way that all good things come to an end. Maybe she is wrong, maybe they will last forever. Only time would tell.


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