Kemi wait, don’t be mad’ he was walking as fast as he could to catch up to me

‘I shouldn’t be mad? My best friend set me up. She set me up on a date with YOU, TY must be crazy. She must really be crazy and to think I have left all this drama behind and was going to meet someone new’ I was really angry. I didn’t expect TY, my best friend, to be shady. No wonder she gave me a last minute advice on doing this for me and not being angry.

‘Please have a drink with me. I can explain. Aren’t you curious as to why she did this?’ he asked. If I am sincere, William looked good. He looked very handsome in his suit. I could smell him from where I stood and he smell like a tiny piece of heaven and aftershave. I felt my anger melt away as longing took the better part of me. ‘What is wrong with you, woman. You should be mad as hell right now and give this man an uncensored piece of your mind’. I thought.

We were at the entrance of the bar. I was trying to make my way outside when he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me back in.‘You aren’t going anywhere until you hear me out, I made that mistake once and I don’t intend to again. If you like be angry but you will hear me out tonight’. He was panting like an athletic that just finished a race. He held unto me tightly with a certain fierceness and desperation I had never seen before. ‘If you let me go, I’ll have a drink with you and then we can talk’ I had never seen this William before.

We made our way to a table. I was feeling uncomfortable. William had that power over me even since I ended our relationship. A waiter came to take our order of drinks. I needed my wit so I ordered juice. William smiled and ordered something stronger for himself. ‘You wanted to talk, well here I am’. I didn’t want to waste any time. ‘Please, let’s chill for the drinks’. I knew he was trying to buy time before he started to say whatever he wanted to say and I wasn’t buying at all

‘William, I have a 10 year old I should be with right now if you don’t start talking, I’m leaving’

‘Fine! Jesus Christ! When did you become so impatient?’

‘When I found out that you weren’t Engr. Festus’. He smiled at my response.

‘I called TY a month ago to discuss us, I mean you and I, after our dinner didn’t go so well and I needed an ally to help sort things out with you. I called her, had to find her on Facebook first and get her number before I could call her. Anyway, I spoke to her about her putting a good word in for me with you and arranging a meeting. She was adamant at first, said you won’t like it but I begged. Kemi, I beg TY to help me out. To me, it was a miracle that after all these years we would end in the same city, at the same time. She finally agreed to do it but she said and I knew that you would never come out to see me if you knew that I was the one. That was how Engr. Festus Owolabi was born’. Our drinks arrived and I took a gulp of juice and immediately order something stronger. ‘I don’t need my wits anymore, I need a fucking drink to calm my nerves’ I thought. ‘I don’t understand. She talked about him two weeks ago at our lunch date. She said he was a new employee on the 3rd floor of the building where she worked. She said she had drinks with him and he was a handsome gentleman who was recently single’.

I was really confused. TY had spoke at length about Festus I thought she had a crush on him or something and now to find out that he was a fragment of her imagination, a story cooked up from thin air by her and William just to get me to this point. I shook my head and laughed out loud. ‘TY won’t kill me o’ I said. ‘She’s a good actress. I never would have guessed that something shady was up. Even thinking back on it, I still can’t see any indication that would have led me to believe that TY was setting me up with you’

‘Our plan was in two phases. Plan A was to get you here, Plan B was on me to keep you here. She wanted a right time when you would be in a better place and I was willing to wait until she thought you were ready. Are you still angry? I won’t want this to cost you guys your friendship and trust’ he looked at me waiting for a reply.

I wasn’t angry anymore, truth be told, I was intrigued at the genius of the whole plan and how long it took them to execute it but I didn’t want him to know that just yet, I wanted to make him sweat. ‘I don’t know Will. She’s my best friend and a woman I respect a lot. Hell she’s with my child right now. How would I ever believe her or you in the future? Is Chichi in on this too? Did she know that Festus was a bogus lie and it was you? Did she know?’ I tried to look hurt and in pain. He reached for my hand, ‘No, Chichi didn’t know. TY felt it won’t be right to put her on the spot and for me the fewer people who knew about this the better my chances at getting you here’ he held my hand. I felt an emotion so strong I can’t explain it.

‘I can’t do this, I have to go’ I stood up and ran out of the bar.


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