the story without a title: episode 1

I think someone is following me.

I have the feeling; you know the one you get when someone is right behind you. I turn to confirm my suspicion but everything looks normal. It has been like this for three days now. My mind can’t be playing tricks on me but then I wonder who would want to stalk me? I’m not a millionaire neither am I a witness to a crime, I don’t have a high-profile job or an ex-lover who wants revenge and no, I don’t have a new lover with trust issues.
I’m on my usual morning run. The early morning fog makes it hard for me to shake my ‘stalker feeling’. I think I’ll be safer behind closed-door; I take a turn right and head to the comfort of my flat.

When I get to my house, I feel safe but just to be sure I’m not being followed, I look back. Nothing out of the ordinary, the street is awake; the rows of shops up front are open for business. Children are leaving home for school and adults for work. I jog up the stairs to my floor, the 3rd floor, enter my place, turn the music on and jump right into the shower. The warm water relaxes me, my tense muscles ease up. The music stops and I walk out of the shower to press play, my heart stops.

There is a man in my room.


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