the story without a title: episode 4

He leaned in and kissed me.  


After getting stitches for my lip from the school clinic, 2 (not 1 as she had earlier promised) leather handbags from Sade and phone calls and text messages fuelled by guilt from her twin brother for hitting my lips with my door, I can now say that I’m okay.

We finally sat down and had that talk: the talk he came to my house to have that ended up been a burst lip and a rush to the school clinic. He invited me out for drinks. He said he felt guilty for what happened and would like to make it up to me but more importantly he wanted us to talk and get rid of the awkwardness between us.

He asked me if he should pick me up. I quickly answered no and told him too many bad memories of him in my flat. He smiled. I said it would be better we met at the bar, he should text me the address and description. He was cool with that.


He touched his lips to mine. Then I felt his tongue as he gently pulled at my lower lip. All kinds of alarm were going off in my head. ‘Get out of this car right now’ my conscience yelled at me. Instead I unfastened my seat belt and turned to face him, giving him better access. He must have noticed because he deepen the kiss and began to rub my thigh. I held the sides of his head and leaned in. He traced the scar on my lip with his tongue and asked me if it still hurt. I nodded no. He whispered an apology and kissed me.

I was beginning to feel delicious sensations in my body.


We went to one of the local bar parlours off campus. I wore a jeans and t-shirt that had ‘I woke up like this’ written on it and glammed it up with heels. I didn’t want to ‘dress up’ lest he gets ideas or I send out the wrong signal to him.

The bar wasn’t so busy, it had just few people nursing their drinks. The theme for the night was ‘Old school’ so the DJ was playing a lot of old school hits. We picked a secluded table outside, away from the speakers.


He moved from my lips to my neck, planting kisses all the way. My hands moved from his face to his shirt. He moved his to my waist and pulled at my t-shirt while returning his lips to mine. ‘Ha! This is Sade’s twin, Sade’s twin! Stop this right now!’ my conscience yelled at me again. Instead I helped him pull up my shirt. His hand found its way to my breast and caressed it. I moaned out loud and pulled him closer. He must have thought he was finally doing something right because he pulled out my breast and found my nipple with his tongue.

Pure pleasure shot through my veins; I felt like an addict shooting up.


We ordered our drinks and settled down to talk. He started by apologizing for entering my flat and bedroom uninvited. He didn’t try to justify what he did. He wanted us to forget what happened and move forward as friends. Up until now, Sade’s twin and I have never talked. I was always Sade’s friend. He wanted to change that and I was cool with it. Sade is a wonderful person, my sanity and source of encouragement in this program. Any family of Sade is my family. ‘Hmm’ he sipped his wine. ‘Not the response you were looking for?’ I asked. ‘It’s okay. I wasn’t expecting anything different from what I have heard’ he replied. ‘Killing me softly with his song’ by The Fugees came on and we started nodding our heads to the music. A song we both loved was the ice breaker we needed, we finally had a topic to talk about. Once we started it was easy to continue. We talk about our favourite musicians, movies, courses (yes we talked about school) and course facilitators, food and sports. I told him I swim every week and he told me he played squash every week. It happened we went to the same hotel for our sport activities. ‘What a cool coincidence’ I thought. We decided to go on the same day. ‘I would love to watch you swim’ he said. ‘You would love to see me in a bikini’ I responded laughingly.

We made eye contact. He winked, I smiled.


My t-shirt was all the way up and my bra was history. I can’t remember who removed it, whether I did or he did. All I remember is the feel of his tongue on my nipples, alternating from left to right. The feel of the cold air where his tongue had been. The way I moaned and held his head closer to my breasts. And the sense of loss when he raised his head and found my lips again. He placed his hand on button of my jeans and whispered in my ear ‘my place or yours?’ Definitely my place, I thought. I will not be walking the walk of shame at his flat tomorrow since he and Sade share a two bedroom flat. ‘Mine’ I barely recognised my own voice. It sounded like a croak. My conscience decided to make another appearance by yelling ‘Ashewo (prostitute). Ashewo jati jati. Ha! I wish your father can see you now’ at me. I completely ignored it, easy to do since it’s been ages I had sex.


The night progressed nicely. We kept the conversation and wine going. He shared some funny stories from his childhood. I laughed so much, more than I had in a long time. Sade’s twin began to look different: His smile was sexy, he smelt good, the way he lifted his glass to his lips was seductive, and the way he looked at me. I shook my head. ‘Pull yourself together woman, that’s the alcohol’ that inner don’t sleep with a guy on the first date voice said. He must have thought I was tired, ‘Should we leave now?’ he asked. ‘Yes please’ I got up and sat back down. ‘Take it easy. Let me help you up’ he offered. ‘I’m fine. I got up too quickly. You can help me with my purse though’ I stretched out my purse to him while we made our way to his car.

When we got to his car, the radio was playing Sara Bareilles’ ‘I choose you’. That was when he leaned in and kissed me.


He was about to start the car when he said out loud ‘Damn! I don’t have any condoms’. ‘Thank God for foresight, I have condoms at my place. I always buy them when I shop for my toiletries’ I explained while fastening my seat belt.

‘I hate to ask as I don’t want to kill the vibe but have you shaved your ‘bush’?’ he asked me. My face became hot. My immediate thought was for the chair to open up and swallow me. He reached for my hand and squeezed it. ‘No need to be shy now’ he said. I told him ‘Sade said you would tease me with it’ If I was a white girl, my face would be red. ‘I’m not teasing you, I hate hair in my mouth during oral sex’ he said. The idea of getting head made my tummy tingle. Two deals in one night, Sex and oral sex; I thanked the god of sex for its generosity.

‘I shaved it all off this morning’ I lied while mentally trying to locate my shaving stick and calculating how long it would take to get rid of 6 months worth of ‘bush’. Nothing was going to stop me from getting head tonight.

He turned the key in the ignition, the engine roared to life. ‘Your place it is then’


9 thoughts on “the story without a title: episode 4

  1. Adesile says:

    Nice write up….so sensational and catchy.
    I think you should start writing novels and post it on okada books.

    Keep it up

  2. Hidayah says:

    Very nice work Tola… You should really consider writting novels… I’m so looking forward to the ‘how to make a bush disappear with a wand’ part… lol

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