Makeup (Not) on fleek

I seriously don’t know what possessed me. I think when you watch something too much and too long, you suddenly think you are a pro like the people you watch. Even though you are nothing but a learner with a big ‘L’ on your forehead.

This is how my makeup (NOT) on fleek story happened. My makeup has never been ‘WOW! Tola is that you?’ or ‘before meets after’ magic. So I have been watching a lot of YouTube beauty and fashion channels to up my makeup game. I think these beauty vloggers apply makeup so effortlessly that one would think it’s a walk in the park. I’m here to say that IT. IS. NOT!

I’m not new to makeup. When I was in Uni, I used makeup; J&J baby powder or Bouquet Talc powder, lip gloss, eyeshadow and dark brow pencil. I still use pretty much the same things except for white powder and eye shadow. Now I use pressed brown powder and no eyeshadow. Okay maybe I’m a bit new to some products, makeup application techniques and tools. I get confused when I hear ‘beauty blender, contour kit, highlighting, strobing, baking, kabuki brush, bronzer, etc’. There are so many makeup brushes in the world right now, knowing which one to use for what should be a college course.

So I hit one of my friend for makeup advice.

The next day, I watched more makeup tutorials on YouTube.

I watched these videos to the extent that I was highly motivated to practise what I had learnt with some new products I had got from Casabella. (Can I just add here that cosmetics and beauty products are becoming expensive? Some are so expensive you would think they are from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry).
I thought it would be easy to recreate some of the looks I had watched. I must confess that it is not as easy as Dinma of ThatIgboChick, Bella of Brownieandtheblog, Patricia Bright (and all the other beauty vloggers I watch) make it out to be.


I spent like 30 minutes in the bathroom trying to recreate. Smile even when you have applied your makeup horribly. Lol

However, I believe I should keep practising to improve and achieve a perfect blend and look. Since Rome wasn’t built in a day, looking like magic won’t be a day’s job either. So that I never miss a beauty/cosmetic memo again, I have followed a lot of cosmetic companies and beauty bloggers on Instagram to keep me up-to-date and informed.

New to makeup or striving to achieve that magic look, you can check out this beauty bloggers
Bella of Brownie and the blog: and
Dinma of That Igbo Chick: and
Patricia Bright: and
Or you can type what you need in the YouTube search engine. There are a lot of makeup tutorials and resources to learn from.
What struggles do you/did you have with applying makeup? Do you ever get intimidated or overwhelmed with all the techniques, tools and products? Do you think the prices for some of these products are ridiculously expensive for makeup? Let me know what you think in the comment section.

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Shout out to my crush Adande Thorne aka Swoozie who’s my Whatsapp background. Check out his YouTube channel

photo credit:

doseofcolour instagram page

my mobile phone aka my gsm (lol)


10 thoughts on “Makeup (Not) on fleek

  1. Adesile says:

    Very very funny, I watch make up tutorials as well.

    Keep practising , trust me you would get the look, when you have an outing fix flash lashes as well.

    Your next try is the contour n highlight, get your set of kabuki brushes and ben nye setting powder.

    • fehintolaogunye says:

      Lol. Sile o. Let’s take it one step at a time. Lemme get my brow and concealer right first before I start contour and highlighting. Thanks for reading.

  2. Precious says:

    Your story is quite original and am of the view that practice makes perfect. Most of these make up artists were once like you. They practiced constantly before they became professionals…

    • fehintolaogunye says:

      Yes o. They were once novice like me. Now they are the ninjas of makeup (lol) Thanks for your encouraging words.

  3. Temitope says:

    If u watched this videos once and u still came out with such a fab look…i must confess yu really tried. Nd practice makes perfection. To achieve a more flawless and wow look, just keep watching more and practice more.😘😘

    • fehintolaogunye says:

      Thanks girl. I intend to keep practicing and watching more videos. Makeup tutorial videos are very entertaining.

  4. sessidee says:

    Hmmmmmm….m happy i dont have to worry about contour or pop a lippy on and am good.meanwhile i just got this lip pencil works magic like our lipstick does..keep trying dear u wud b amazed at ow much improvement u can achieve. Cheers

    • fehintolaogunye says:

      Father Konfirma (lol) na so everybody tell me o. Practice makes perfect. I’ll keep working on it. Thanks for reading.

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