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Today’s post is about the things boyfriends do when we are at their house that irks us (girlfriends) but we cover up in love and look the other way because we don’t want them to think that we are nags or not ‘wifey material’. This time last year, I wrote a blog post about things ladies shouldn’t do at their boyfriend’s place (click here to read).

So you finally get to your boyfriend’s place after months, weeks or days of planning and daydreaming. You are probably thinking this visit would be a getaway from your very busy and stressful life. A time to unwind and relax with the love of your life.

You get to his house and….

  1. His house or room or flat is messy especially the bathroom. The toilet has skid marks, there’s laundry everywhere and his bedroom is a mess, the kitchen is a war zone so instead of catching your breath when you arrive, you have to start cleaning the house.
  2. There is no food in his house and he expects you to go shopping for groceries. If your girl is coming to visit, buy food into your house before she arrives.
  3. He has groceries (thank God) but he doesn’t have anything cooked for you to eat when you arrive. So he expects you to cook for him and yourself. Won’t it be nice if he orders something for you guys to eat or takes you out for a meal?
  4. His bed sheet is smelly af. He forgot or didn’t bother to put fresh, clean bed sheet on the bed. This is a no-no, no girl deserves to sleep on smelly sheets.
  5. He’s still using ‘teenage’ bed sheets. You know the Batman, Superman, Manchester United, Chelsea bed sheets. I entered a guy’s room (not my boyfriend) and he had ManU bed sheets. I shook my head. Get ‘grown up’ sheets, man!
  6. There is no privacy. His room mates or friends are still in the room. Maybe you planned to belly dance or strip tease for him  or just sit and stare into his eyes while you play soft music but Deji, Dele and Denrele won’t piss off. They won’t let a girlfriend be great.
  7. He wears the same underwear all through your stay. Maybe that’s why we give men underwear as gifts so that they would stop wearing the same boxers twice in a roll.
  8. It’s bedtime. Your body is singing with anticipation. You have been thinking of ‘from the window to the wall till sweat drips from his balls’ and while you guys are making out he says ‘Baby, I don’t have condoms…just the tip…my ‘pull-out’ game is strong…I’ll make it quick…aren’t you suppose to be on birth control pills or something’ WHAT!!!!!! Are you f**king kidding me right now? *takes a deep breath* Remember ladies no glove, no love. Keep your cookie in the cookie jar.

What annoying things do your boyfriend do when you visit him? Can you relate to my list? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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